Humanity is Doomed: Steam's Most Depressing Game

The end is nigh: It's becoming increasingly hard to deny that fuel resources are running low, global temperatures are rising and population growth is spiraling out of control, and little is being done to stop our slow march to oblivion. But can a game educate people about the dangers of rapid climate change? Can it help predict what will happen over the next 200 years? And, most importantly, can it still be fun?

Fate of the World tries to do all that, and, while the game's long term side effects still remain to be seen, it sure is a fun title - albeit a sobering one. To learn about the game, its scientific basis, plans for an upcoming iPad version, and, of course, the end of the world, we talked to Ian Roberts, the creative director at Red Redemption.

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dbjj120882537d ago

Love it. Can't wait to try it.

doctorstrange2537d ago

Really good game, even if it's based on the fact that we're screwed.

BigWoopMagazine2536d ago

Luckily the actual screwing of the world will likely occur long after I die anyway... yaaaay I don't have to face reality, woo!

Sev2537d ago

Definitely sounds cool. And bleak.

Trexman892537d ago

oh boy, Game Revolution calls out the Daily Mail and Fox News by name....this game is sure to be labeled as evil, now.