Uncharted Demo runs at 1080p

An member of the NeoGaf forums posted a picture showing that the Uncharted demo runs at 1080p

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chester4026d ago

pretty much no chance of that. but it is going to be great. can't wait to get it. just don't know where the time is coming to play uncharted/cod4/assassin's/mass effect. don't even start on rock band or mario galaxy either. good god.

Danja4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

yup GOTY..srry Assasins Creed..!!

socomnick4026d ago

Goty will most likely be Bioshock. I have a feeling mass effect will win it though.

assjacket4026d ago

I just started the demo and it switches from 1080p that the XMB is displayed in to 720p that the demo uses. I just hit the button on the remote and it says 720p so I don't know what this person is pulling.

Loopy4026d ago

Maybe you don't have a true 1080p, like any HDTV older than a year....
My HDTV only makes 1080i, and I bought it a year ago....

rofldings4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

try unchecking 720p in your display settings.

I can confirm it runs 1080p on my TV as well.

remix4026d ago

but anyway, this doesnt matter for me because i only have 720p unfortunetely.

but hows the demo?

rofldings4026d ago

Mass effect? please. I saw a "sex scene" from that the other day on Kotaku... And wow the conversations are SO bland and boring. Their faces are emotionless. It plays like a gears of war clone... etc.

What exactly about this game is good again? I really don't know anymore.

jaja14344026d ago

I saw a scene in Uncharted where the guy was just standing there doing nothing. Pff what a boring as hell game. I mean all he did was stand there!

Now how stupid does that sound? Try being less fanboyish and judging a game as a whole and not for some 30 sec. clip.

P.S Uncharted looks awesome! Its like Tomb Raider but for a new generation! Can't wait to play it.

ParaDise_LosT4026d ago

This is comming from you?!
*checks the newspaper*
.....nope...its not snowing in hell...
demon! what have you done to our resident fanboy?! >:O

jackdoe4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

That's interesting. I thought it capped out at 1080i. Hmm.

-edit- But damn. I read the neogaf forum. Jeez, rampant with fanboys and flame wars. I thought that it was supposed to be one of the cleaner forums on the internet?

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The story is too old to be commented.