Def Leppard Six-Pack Coming to ‘Rock Band 3′ Next Week

Fans of Rock Band 3 will be given the opportunity to download six of the biggest hits from the catalog of one of the biggest rock bands of all-time. The press release, which is dated as tomorrow’s date, states “Harmonix today announced that a 6-pack of tracks from rock icons Def Leppard will be available beginning August 9th in the Rock Band 3 Music Store.”

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DrRichtofen2419d ago

WHAT! They left out Love Bites, Rocket, and Armageddon it, they should have been in there too hopefully in a pack no. 2. Still definitely gonna get this though. Now we just need some scorpions, skid row, and G N'R!

P_Bomb2418d ago

I hope they include Switch625 at the end of Bringin on the Heartbreak. Guitar instrumentals FTW!