Most Underrated RPGs

From Fallout: New Vegas and Borderlands to Final Fantasy IX, Legend of Dragoon​, Lost Odyssey​ and more, the 411 staff ranks their top 5 underrated roleplaying games of all-time! Check out the full article to see which games made their lists and why!

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no_more_heroes2488d ago

Glad to see many of them mention Legend of Dragoon and Lost Odyssey, rightly so.

Does Sony still own the Legend of Dragoon license? They need to get to remaking this ASAP! I loved the combat system it used and my mind is racing with ideas for a next-gen version of it. Wish I had a PS3 so I could download it, my discs were scratched to hell (I especially remember the game froze everytime I tried to go and fight the final boss)

Also, Microsoft needs to get going on that Lost Odyssey sequel. The game is crying out for one.

WildArmed2488d ago

I'd imagine so, seeing it was published and developed by Sony.

Infernostew2488d ago

Legend of Dragoon isn't on the ps store.

_Aarix_2487d ago

Legend of dragoon was my favorite rpg ever. I loved how lost odyssey seemed so similar.

no_more_heroes2487d ago

some of the devs who worked on LoG worked on LO.

potedude2488d ago

Valkyria Chronicles was sick, as was FF12, Lost Odyssey was pretty good too...

WildArmed2488d ago

I personally didn't get into FF12 much, but LO n VC were amazing.

SageHonor2488d ago

I loved Valkyria Chronicles

Bolts2488d ago

The color scheme in this article is shit.

strange19862488d ago

Yeah it's really a hideous looking page.

nopunctuation2488d ago

New Vegas improved on Fallout 3 in almost every way. Better companions, Better aiming, Better 3rd person, More complex story line, more endings, and more sex. As much as Ioved Fallout 3, Vegas was a welcome addition to iron out the kinks that fallout had.

vickers5002487d ago

The characters and storyline in Fallout 3 were better though, despite FNV having a more complex story.

It did improve everything gameplay wise though, I will agree with that.

SovereignSnaKe2488d ago

-huh, that was a weird site, where is lost odyssey i'm playing that right now in the wait for Deus Ex and I'm very much enjoying it! :D

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The story is too old to be commented.