Memories of Majora's Mask

Despite the fact that I feel that Nintendo has jilted me these past few years, there’s still a not-so-secret place in my heart for the lover I once had.

And certainly despite my attempt at aloofness, I still eagerly look forward to Nintendo every year at E3, at the Tokyo Game Show, at Christmastime, and on the other videogame blogs to catch any whisper of news that Nintendo might be changing its heart and coming back to court me.

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vishant1012363d ago

The most underrated zelda happens to be my Favorite

Septic2362d ago

I never got this thinking it was a mere expansion pack to Ocarina of time.

Hopefully they remake this because it sounds like I'm in for a treat.

CDbiggen2362d ago

This needs the 3DS treatment. now.

lizard812882362d ago

Nintendo said they might remake this into 3D for the 3DS. If they do, I sure hope it gets the same treatment as OoT, more features, ect. I hope it doesn't end up like SF64:3D. Thats juts a lazy port.