Review: Pac-Man (3DS Virtual Console) | Digitally Downloaded

This is an offensive attempt to con Pac-Man faithful into buying something that is only marginally better than useless. Considering there’s an entire retail Pac-Man (and Galaga) collection available now, there is quite literally no reason whatsoever to get this game.

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MoveTheGlow2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

GB games are typically, by their nature, not as good as the original (I'm gonna be divisive and say that Kid Icarus on GB is better!), but if someone played Gameboy Pac-Man for a long time as a kid, maybe they'd want it, and at the very least it's emulated perfectly. To your younger consumer, I wouldn't recommend it, but there are some old Pac-fiends out there who are most likely glad to see this.

But that retail game... not yet. If it's down to 15-20 bucks, it's worth it for Pac Man CE and the old classics with 3D effects, but the new Galaga is especially weird and unnecessary.

Trekster_Gamer2539d ago

WTF! Nintendo? You buy a 3ds to play monochrome games?
How about the real arcade version of pacman?
How about an Ultimate Pacman pack that includes every arcade version and sequel ever made for pacman? That hasn't been done, they have made pacman collections but even they was missing many great versions of the game!

I would only download this game if it was free and then I would most likely never play it.