Challenge Top Gear's Stig in Forza 4

Turn 10 Studios announces new features for Forza Motorsport 4, including the ability to challenge The Stig's power lap times on the Top Gear test track.

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n4gisatroll2540d ago

That's cool, I wish GT5 made more use of the Top Gear track.

Micro_Sony2540d ago

My favorite show was series 10 episode 4 the big trip to Africa.....ahahahaha good times.

I wish Forza had a mode where go to Botswana or another country and have to buy a car each for £1,500 in which to drive across the countries but at the same time we have to maintain our cars and stop at gas station and if our car breaks down we wold be forced to drive the bug.

gedapeleda2537d ago

Sound nice,but it will take a $**t load of time to create sutch a thing

The Meerkat2540d ago

Some say he honed his skills with Mario Kart

Micro_Sony2540d ago

Would be EPIC if MS does a trailer with the stig finally taken of his helmet only reveal another helmet but this time a Master Chief helmet.

eon02538d ago

I would buy ten copies of the game if it did that.

mcstorm2540d ago

Sounds good. So far what turn10 have told us about forza4 its going to be a game that will keep us going back for more and a game for everyone to enjoy. Well done turn10 so far it looks like you hve made a game to keep everyone happy. Not too long now until i can get my hands on this game.

tigertron2540d ago

Some say under the suit and helmet, is another suit and helmet.

Micro_Sony2540d ago

Some say he has a urine and fesses filtration system under that suit that turns pee into sparkling water and dodo into protein paste.

BlmThug2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

I hope they have the "not road legal" lap board too which is on the back of the the "legal" lap times

ironwolf2540d ago

I bought a new XBox with Kinect last night. When will they have a downloadable demo ready? Any idea? I can't wait to try the Auto Vista mode and the head tracking.

m232540d ago

The demo would probably come out really close to launch. Screw the demo lol, I'm picking this up day 1.

ironwolf2540d ago

I've already bought and paid for the LCE with release day delivery from Amazon. I just don't want to wait that long to try it.

m232540d ago

I know how you feel, I want to play it pretty bad too. I also have the LCE paid for, the wait is a long one, Gears 3 will keep me busy though.