Top 10 Video Game Company Fails

Failure may suck when it happens to us, but when it happens to other people it his hilarious. Fat kids falling of bikes, people saying nonsensical stuff, the Virtual Boy... OH NO. Oh I meant to save that for later, but seriously, when video companies fail it only becomes funny after a while. Since they hold our very enjoyment in their hands, they can produce some pretty rage-worthy stuff.

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Mr Sadistic2509d ago

I dont really fully agree with the sony one, but the bobby one is just plain funny.

Hicken2509d ago

Yeah, can't really agree with the Dreamcast or Sony hacking "fails." Kotick seems a lifetime fail-mate, though.

4221852509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

They put the SONY's hack at # 2 but they don't even mention M$ RROD.
I guess someone "forgot". /s