7 of the Most Unwanted NPC Deaths in Games

Gaming Irresponsibly writes: Throughout the course of many games you are forced to make difficult decisions but few rely on the life or death of relatively innocent parties. There has however been several occasions where a game has made us do the unthinkable, or later turned round and showed us the error of our ways. Here are 7 occasions where you should have felt genuinely bad about what you did and just accept the fact that you are a terrible person.

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Rushing_Punch2485d ago

I felt bad on the last boss of secret of mana. Just because by winning you were killing off a party member

Al802485d ago

What about Eli from Half Life 2?

Should have been number one

agentxk2485d ago

oh yeah, that one was rough

Pozzle2485d ago

I felt bad watching Tenzin's village being destroyed and his neighbors being killed in Uncharted 2. I know I personally didn't kill them myself, but I still felt like such a dick for being the character who led Lazarevic right to the little village. :(

agentxk2485d ago

Yeah, I kinda agree with that one. However the explosions and tanks soon made me forget about that one. lol

Pozzle2485d ago

I kept trying to take out the tank with my guns, even though I knew only a rocket launcher would be able do it. I just wanted to stop the tank from killing all the villagers ASAP. lol