Activision reveals profit comparisons

Activision has recently released information pertaining to the profits they have made in comparison to other companies.

The flash-games company, "Zynga", probably most well known for it's vast majority of games on Facebook has been shown to have half the profits of Activision.

Activison's primary source of income now has been through DLC for it's games, claiming that in the last three months alone, they have made over 400 million US dollars through the sale of Downloadable content for games.

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ATi_Elite2267d ago

Actually the title should read

"Activision ballen outta control due to pimpen Map Paks"

Kotick seen driving a Bugatti, wearing a chinchilla fur coat, and drinking champaign was quoted as saying "Thanks bi-atches"

Agent_hitman2266d ago

hahahahahahahahah that CEO kotick, he loves money than anything else in this world... Give me a rope!

ThatHappyGamer2266d ago

ROFL. Well said. Bubbles ATI_Elite :)

egidem2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

Meh...I don't care. All I know is they aren't getting any of me money. I'll get battlefield instead. It has my type of gameplay.

Also the fact that Call of Duty is worried about a game such as FarmVille means that Call of Duty is truly an arcade game for casuals.

Cmpunk2266d ago

fuck i miss the old activision in the ps2 days they were the best..

for me to have any respect for them again' they need to fix tony hawks, i love that game and the motion junk is horrible tony hawks > skate anyday

NuclearDuke2266d ago

I don't think Bobby Kotick could care less about all the flame he gets. Their products sell, and every initiative their developers make which are cast upon "activision" back, seems to net profit all day long.

Haters gonna Hate - Kotick Wins another round it seems :)

ThatHappyGamer2266d ago

As long as little kids and retarded fanboys wanna play COD, ANTIvision will earn money.

NuclearDuke2266d ago

So many adults playing CoD that your comment makes no sense. Clueless N4G readers are clueless it seems.

ThatHappyGamer2265d ago


I've stated "kids" and "retarded fanboys".

If you don't belong to the prior then you sure are one of the latter since your comments prove that you are one of the latter.

You mad that BF3 will take the FPS crown ?

madjedi2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

@nuclear "(With) So many adults(prove it or disprove children don't also play it) playing CoD that(not needed) your comment makes no sense. Clueless N4G readers are clueless(redundant comment since you already insulted them) it seems.

So if we are clueless can you actually type a sentence that makes sense, without using all those unnecessary words, lacking necessary words or poor sentence structure.

If english isn't your first language don't try to be a smartass on a english website

Thank you, random new account of 1 bubble cod faithful, for that over used statement.

Here is another one for you, a shitty game with millions of sales is still a shitty game(graphics, quality assurance, physics and ai ect), every other series can manage to improve at least 1 of those significantly, except for cod. :)

Now when they try to improve the series beyond copying and pasting cod4 & waw. Maybe then gamers will treat the series with respect, but that would actually require effort something every other fps and tps dev besides cod dev's are capable of.

For the amount of money it brings in(which is insane compared to most other games), it should be miles above and beyond it's competition, instead it's running in circles to lazy or stupid to try anything significantly new.

Or even build a new engine, instead of using that obsolete quake 3 engine till the next gen- ps4/720 ect gets here. But yeah all haters/people who dislike cod, have no valid reasons whatsoever.

NuclearDuke2266d ago

If it ain't broken - don't fix it. That's another one for you.

Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops are the best selling FPS in history. Why would they create a new engine for their main platforms(consoles) when there is no need for it?

Call of Duty is now a console franchise - you don't play Call of Duty for it's graphics, but for it's gameplay, so why bother with a new engine?

Obviously, since it sells so well it pretty much hits the "nail" on what the consumers want from Call of Duty.

No - Call of Duty haters doesn't have much reason for it. It's the best selling game for a reason, go figure. Your name fits you "mad"jedi.

SixZeroFour2266d ago

hold up nuclear...

"Call of Duty is now a console franchise - you don't play Call of Duty for it's graphics, but for it's gameplay, so why bother with a new engine?"

as a gamer, not expecting or demanding better with each iteration from developers, you and anyone that thinks like you are hurting the gaming community/industry rather than helping it

with your mindset, its the same as thinking "well pong is the best selling game of its genre (at the time it was made), so why bother improving it". now what kind of logic is that?

mac_sparrow2266d ago

"Call of Duty is now a console franchise - you don't play Call of Duty for it's graphics, but for it's gameplay, so why bother with a new engine? "

Because engines drive more than just graphics, but then as a blind defender of CoD I'm not surprised you don't understand that.

pumpactionpimp2265d ago

I love the fact that some people are shocked at the lengths corporations go to make money. That's all they care about period, so of course they will do whatever it takes to make more!