Brink Half Price

With Steam now putting Brink up for a Free-to-play weekend to gather some interest in the game, they have also cut it's price down to something more affordable for the cash strapped gamers. As of today, Brink has now been cut to 50% from £29.99 down to £14.99.

This price also includes other countries in their own currencies across the world.

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2484d ago
Klaykid1232484d ago

I tried the free promo they have for it (play for free till Sunday). It's pretty nice. Has good graphics, but it was just weird. If you shoot a gun (even in burst fire) It wobbles around like hell. You can NOT get an accurate shot at all.

I'll enjoy it for the weekend, not buy it. Although, that sniper mask for TF2 looks tempting.

Solid_Snake-2484d ago

its all about the hats baby