PS3 Exclusive in The Works From Patapon Dev

One of the best series on the PlayStation Portable, Patapon is a fantastic rhythm based game franchise that has spanned 3 iterations. Developed by Pyramid Inc., with the help of Sony’s Japan Studio it has helped bolster the PSP’s rather meek library. But with the developer now working on a PS3 title, Patapon might be coming to everyone’s favorite home console.

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doctorstrange2481d ago

I want them to be marching onto PS3.

Sev2481d ago

While I wouldn't mind a pata-pata-PS3 version, I'd rather have a new IP.

Biggest2481d ago

I agree with a new IP being awesome. . . But I really want some HD Patapon.

Trexman892481d ago

same here! I'm sure the devs could come up with a new innovative gameplay that was just as fun.

vickers5002481d ago

I'd rather have Patapon. Played 2 of the demos on my friends psp and it was a blast, but I don't want to buy a psp just to play them or wait until the Vita comes out to buy them through download.

badz1492481d ago

not long from now, we might hear Patapon HD collections ala GoW origins! 3 games on 1 BD! not that I'm complaining though, instead, I'm hoping for it to happen as well! :-)

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masterofpwnage2481d ago

For psn yes but a full on disk game. I think it should be way bigger

Lifewish2481d ago

marching onto PS3, PLEASE!!!

insertcoin2481d ago

I want to see what they can create on a larger platform, push their imagination a little more than just a sequel or a larger version of Patapon.

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2481d ago

OMG, I love Patapon. But I'm all for a new IP.

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disturbing_flame2481d ago

That's a good news this team is talented.

firemassacre2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

another day another ps3 exclusive. you homeboys are pimp sony. yaaaa herd

dissagree wit me den you ice pop

T3mpr1x2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

I'm sorry, but I had to disagree with you because of those last two "sentences."

consolez_FTW2481d ago

Awesome! We can definitely expect this game to be something creative and original. Can't wait for this.

ftwrthtx2481d ago

I love the patapon series. Something similar for the PS3 would be nice. Maybe use the Move to help keep the beat?

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The story is too old to be commented.