Dead Island Most Wanted

Dead Island has recently been nominated for the #1 Most Wanted game by a group called the European Games Award Competition.

This particular competition looks at games from European developers and, depending on how many votes are given from different forms of entry such as the Internet, they may very well find themselves getting a top spot very quickly.

Although there is some stiff competition this year for the coveted award, with many votes seeming to be going directly to the website named, " " where anyone can vote for any game developed by the European Community.

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rezzah2543d ago

The most overdone thing in the entire world....


rezzah2542d ago

Out of vampires or werewolve there are many more movies and games that have zombies in them.

It easily overdone, it hardly seen as something original. However there are few ways which dev or directors can make it original. Even so in the end it still is a zombie like theme.

It you have not notice this yet then w.e

ddkshah2543d ago

Yea but a sandbox zombie game with over 5000 customizable weapons. Also the game takes place in an exotic island which makes it all the better ;) It has a single player campaign, a coop campaign, and multiplayer. This game really should of released in this fucking lackluster summer though :(