Blizzard VP 'Surprised' Over Fan Reaction To 'Diablo 3' Online Requirements

Earlier this week, details about the upcoming "Diablo 3" beta were released to the public. One of revelations that got the most attention was the fact that both the beta and the final version of "Diablo 3" would require a constant internet connection to play.

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allyc4t2483d ago

I was to. I figured people would be more pissed about the money for in-game items thing.

_LarZen_2482d ago

Who aint online 24/7 in 2011 anyways? Dont see any problems with this....

xYLeinen2482d ago

Actually a lot of people are.

And there is the people who play on the buss, train, flight, car etc and possible can't get an online connection.

BeastlyRig2482d ago

Being online to play is one thing.. Staying online becuz they want to treat you like a criminal is another..

The ones who accept this make it a standard..

theonlylolking2482d ago

And companies wonder why peeps are pirating their games and hacking.

Perjoss2482d ago

Play some Torchlight while you are offline. If online only means less people will pirate the game then good for them!

I cannot wait!

Perjoss2481d ago

I'm even going to buy a 2nd copy:

a. as a backup incase I lose my main disc
b. to make up for the lost sale from palaeomerus^

saumer2482d ago

I thought this same thing a month ago. Then I got sent to Ghana for work. Their internet is terrible here. Companies that employ 500+ people only have a fraction of the connection that I have in my apartment in the states.

I was completely shocked that this day in age, in a major city, internet would be this bad. I'm talking like 28k modem bad.

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cliffbo2482d ago

and if your internet connection goes down for a week or more then how do you play it ?

_LarZen_2482d ago

If it goes down for a week it means the end of the world and you die so it dont mather? :)

NuclearDuke2482d ago

I guess you are not able to. One thing that I do not know, is why Blizzard doesn't make an option to keep a character single player only once authenticated with You could simply log-on using your phone's internet and sign in and then play on.

moe842482d ago

One of the problems I see is B.Net server maintenance. It's understandable with an MMO to have occasional down time, but with a single player game? It's completely unnecessary...

... Not to mention companies with low bandwidth caps on their services packages.

Blizzard could still do a offline single player game without cutting any features, and still give players the option to effortlessly switch in and out of multiplayer(Co-Op/B.Net)

Breadisgood2482d ago

Exactly, between server maintenance, the possibility of your internet connection being cut off, and playing somewhere where you don't have a connection - it just becomes a massive headache.

Unless a game is an MMO, it shouldn't require an internet connection to play it.

jakethesnake2482d ago

Completely agree. They are often down for 5 - 8 hours each week for downtime and it is understandable that you wouldn't be able to play multiplayer it is unacceptable that you wouldn't be able to play single player. Just make an option for offline where you can't transfer your character to BNet but don't make it the default, just like they did with achievements in SCII.

Pro_TactX2482d ago

I don't get the point in admitting that you are surprised at fan reactions. You are basically telling the world that you are out of touch with your customers by saying that. What kind of backwards PR is that?

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