We Choose the Five Most Interesting Vita Launch Titles

With Sony’s next-gen portable poised to please our eyes and thumbs, we spy its most promising launch titles. (GamePro)

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NovusTerminus2456d ago

I don't know if it is a launch title. But Shinobido 2.

NewMonday2455d ago

great list

Gravity Daze is my #1
Dragon's Crown is also high in my list

remanutd552456d ago

well these are the 7 first party games im getting at launch :
1. Little Big Planet
2. Uncharted Golden Abyss
3. ModNation Racers
4. Ruin
5. Gravity Daze
6. Little Deviants
7 . Wipeout 2048

jony_dols2456d ago

Wow, you must be either rich or mad, to buy 7 launch titles!
Enjoy spending $500 on day 1!

remanutd552456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

no im not but i have a very good job so i can afford them
but perhaps i will not get them all day 1 maybe 3 or 4 the most because then i will not finish some of them , better finish a game then buy a new one but Little Big Planet , Uncharted and ModNation Racers are day 1

Dakidog2456d ago

It's not that bad start saving now...I got the psp bundle for $500 when it first came out, I was very pleased cause Walmart made a mistake and added too many games!

remanutd552456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

oh and i forgot to tell you that i have a $200 best buy card that i havent used yet and like 2 $10 redeem tickets from my gamer account with them and like 20,000 points with thank you citibank reward program that im waiting to use on vita , all that will be use on vita , ps3 games i will buy them from my money ( uncharted 3 , Ratchet and Clank All 4 One , Twisted Metal and Ico / Shadow ) and perhaps i get more gift cards on christmas lol

tiffac2455d ago

Yup you don't need to get them all at the same time. Spend wisely and you'll be able to afford them all. It's not rocket science it's just common sense. ;)

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ReservoirDog3162456d ago

If I had to pick one? Uncharted. Two? Gravity.

Gravity looks interesting. Caught my eye the fist second I saw it. I'd probably even pick it over Uncharted honestly.

Hope I can afford the PS Vita by launch day.

Ult iMate2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

Every time I remember this list of PSV launch titles, I hear my wallet cry.
I think I'll get Uncharted and Wipeout day one and the rest of games in next couple of months.

Cpt_kitten2456d ago

uncharted and Gravity daze is all i need here to buy it day 1 if not oh well

Spenok2455d ago

Totally agree. I hadnt heard about Gravit Daze before this article. But after doing some research im throughly excited for it.

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The story is too old to be commented.