Black Ops 2?

Treyarch delivered a very solid Call of Duty experience with Black Ops. Will 2012 see them do it again with Black Ops 2, or will they be starting something entirely new for that year?

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omi25p2417d ago

Black ops was a solid experience?? I thought it was a solid turd.

Shackdaddy8362417d ago

I thought it was just one step above CoD:Finest Hour (probably the worst game in the franchise).

I even liked CoD 3 more...

If they make Blops 2 good I won't complain but Blops 1 was utter crap.

ATi_Elite2417d ago

Something like 25 million units sold i'm pretty sure Treyarch is working on Black Ops 2 right now!

Actually I'm surprised Black Ops 2 isn't already out right now.

Mikeyy2417d ago

ITT: omi25p sucks at COD, and has no choice but to rag on it.

More at 11.

omi25p2416d ago

I suck at cod? My K.D was around 2.0 but i dont think that is cod because cod is a noob friendly game that helps you to win.

Inside_out2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

Can't wait for Treyarch's next great COD game. Activision has given these guys all the tools they need and a budget to match.

I'm not sure how far they would want to tinker with the COD formula if at all. When you have the highest selling game in a series and entire gen, people are afraid of change.

@Omi-delutional...Wow...Can you believe this guy contributes articles to N4G with that intellect and submitted this actual article and is the first biggest troll...0_o

@Mikey...yep, and you want to guess what system he plays on and what game he thinks is the best...O_o

Cmpunk2416d ago

nobody likes treyarch, not even treyarch likes treyarch

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lugia 40002417d ago

"Treyarch delivered a very solid Call of Duty experience with Black Ops"

I can play with my poop for free and its more fun.

Mikeyy2417d ago

I think they are referring to the fact that Black Ops is 10x more balanced than MW2.

That's nice that you play with your poop. Please stay away from me.

allyc4t2417d ago

It was one of their better CoD games, but I didn't find it too great. But with the way Black Ops sold, Black Ops 2 certainly isn't out of the question.

hadouken0072417d ago

a solid experience on another console, 360 cough cough.

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