Tribes: Ascend Overdose - 20 Minutes Of Gameplay Footage

DSOGaming writes: "As promised, Hi-Rez Studios are showcasing Tribes: Ascend at QuakeCon so get ready for a 20 minutes gameplay footage of it."

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zag2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

Looking good.

I used to play tribes 1 and 2 and both games are still played today.

The best clan game you can buy really.

Still have the skiing and the tube thing would be real handy, but for the hard core players of tribes being a heavy won't be hard for them to ski into bases and stuff.

I wonder if they will allow HUD mods and stuff.

The guy playing would get smashed, there's guys who disc people on sight he'd be dead within seconds.

Flying disc kills are pretty funny and a pain in the arse if its you

Bolts2511d ago

Tribes 2 was great back in the days but now...this style of gameplay looks dated.