An Attempt to Play the Worst Game Ever

RipTen - I’m sure everyone has played their share of bad video games. You know, those moments in which your innocence made you pick up that one game with your favorite superhero´s chest on it, or being captivated by the oh-so-familiar words “Duke Nukem”. Everything is fine at first when you just hold the game in your hands. The sheer frustration and disappointed sadness comes when you actually begin to play it. How can something you love so much be this horrible? Why didn’t you spend those $60 banging the hooker behind EB games instead? These are all questions we ask ourselves after making such mistakes.

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xPhearR3dx2456d ago

I honestly don't believe a game can get any worse than this. Driving through EVERY object is just pure laziness on the dev side lol

Solid_Snake-2455d ago

damnation had to be the worst game i have ever played.

it was just a massive wreck.

Sigmarue2456d ago

I just... don't understand. How fun can it be to race trucks that are MEANT to go slow and be annoying? I hate trucks. Hate them. WHY CAN'T THEY JUST STAY OUT OF THE FAST LANE?!

BlackjackCF2456d ago

Slow trucks + troll physics = best game idea ever, right? Right guys? ...Guys?

Pozzle2456d ago

Is it as bad as Superman 64 or E.T for Atari?

Swiggins2456d ago

It's worse, far far worse.

You can literally drive a big rig truck 400 MPH backwards, and literally nothing touches you, you phase through everything, and I mean everything! Hell you even phase though a bridge and you just drive down and up the embankment.

aaronobst2456d ago

"Big Rigs is set in a dystopian future where the laws of physics are in turmoil and humans have evolved to have three hands (as evident by the YOU'RE WINNER trophy)."

The Matrix2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

"I don’t know how to program anything so I don’t know about everything else, but how hard is it to write “You win” or “You are the winner”? How you could possibly #$*&( this up, I cannot understand."

The Matrix2456d ago

This game got more publicity for being bad than a lot of games that were half decent.

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