Batman Costumes We Want in Arkham City

few days ago, news broke about Batman: Arkham City having some pretty rad bonus costumes that will be available exclusively for gamers that pre-order at various outlets. While there is still no word on if they will be available in the US, we couldn't help but ponder the options for other costumes that IGN would love to see make an appearance in the upcoming Bat-sequel.

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bacrec12544d ago

I don't think IGN got the memo. A lot of their picks have already been announced.

hilyou2543d ago

the 2nd page was 4 suits that were already announced and where they came from

Legion2543d ago

Adam West Batman for the win. That will get me to buy it if only for the nostalgia.

zero_cool2543d ago

Batman needs some of his batastic collection of vehicles in the batman arkham city game like these below...