I5M: Nintendo are sorry for everything that has ever happened

GB writes: "It’s August 2nd 2011 and we try our hardest not to insult somebody and it doesn’t last long.

In this podcast, we talk about:

Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata apologising for damn never everything that has ever happened in the history of the World.
Sony have bought out Sucker Punch, a company that has only ever really made Sony exclusives anyway.
True Crime: Hong Kong is back thanks to Square Enix reviving another title that isn’t Final Fantasy Vs XIII
Nik confesses his secret love for Square Enix, but you need to keep it a secret, it’s not cool to like them any more.
Jack Rooney and Wayne Wilshire are the cover stars for a football game! Horray!
Minecraft’s 1.8 Adventure Update brings The (S)Endermen, see what they did there?
And the Witcher 2 on Xbox 360 is being delayed until next year, apparently that’s important.
All that in… well it’s near enough 5 minutes."

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mrmancs2423d ago

damn never everything that has ever happened in the history of the World. uh?

charmer2423d ago

xactly silly people microsoft and sony had huge blunders but they are trying to magnify nintendos...haters cause they realize with the 3ds price drop and wiiu...nintendo will be on top again

Optical_Matrix2423d ago

This. I don't remember MS publicly apologising for the fuck up that was RROD. Nintendo is apologising for having a bad software line up and overpriced system. Never seen something so humble. WHen the 3DS drops price and Mario Kart7/Mario Land 3D hit, over christmas, it'll sell bucket loads