Battlefield 3 Customization Teased

Daniel Matros, the Battlefield Community Manager over at DICE has teased on his twitter account about the customization options in Battlefield 3.

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firemassacre2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

this game is so mango. i need this chocolate.

Fishy Fingers2392d ago

"In the tweet, he says that he will be "commenting on this later on ""

Shouldnt the "news" come later then too?

Drjft2392d ago

This is a fucking news article?

It's like, a line of information.

Rearden2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

Agreed. What fuck is happening on N4G these days?

There isn't even any information at all, only a tweet saying "more on that later".

WTF? We need a link on N4G to easily remove bullshit like this.

Rettom2392d ago

Anything for hits, right?

CommonCent2392d ago

Who the hell approves this shit, really?!

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xtremexx2392d ago

lol this article is a tease

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