BioWare On Building Star Wars MMO: Our Respect For Blizzard Has Grown

Star Wars: The Old Republic will be the very first MMO title from the talented RPG developers at BioWare. Like the top dog in the space, World of Warcraft, SWTOR will be a subscription-based game and it could potentially take some market share from WoW this holiday season. BioWare has learned a lot during the game's development, and BioWare co-founder Greg Zeschuk told IndustryGamers that, if anything, his respect for what Blizzard has accomplished has only grown having seen what it takes to build an MMO.

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donniebaseball2544d ago

I still don't have much faith that the Star Wars MMO is going to be a huge success.

allyc4t2544d ago

I don't think it will eclipse WoW, nothing will. But they'll take a decent sized chunk out of Blizzard's market share.

evrfighter2544d ago

If you like mass effect and KOTOR you'll love this one. It's essentially 4 player coop with voiced cutscenes even rolling to see who get's to pick the dialog. for the next part of a cutscene.

Even the quests that would be stupidly filler in wow have voiced cutscenes that make it feel like it's part of the main story.

I tried to go back to rift after ToR beta but I don't think I can play another tldr spam accept quests driven mmo again.

BitbyDeath2544d ago

Do people still like Star Wars?

Urrakia342544d ago

No. People still LOVE Star Wars. ;)

BitbyDeath2544d ago

I used to love them when i was younger but i dunno just stopped.

The 3 new movies didn't help either.

LadyGaga2544d ago

Must be the lack of half naked men grunting.

coolbeans2544d ago

Just a flat out terrible question to ask if you've seen any footage of Comic-Con.

Farsendor12544d ago

star wars is all right i like harry potter and lotr better.

Takoulya2544d ago

Love SW and LotR, absolutely hate HP.

Farsendor12544d ago

i would still love star wars if it was not for episode 3,episode 3 i just didn't like i can't find the words to describe it

JakemanPS319942544d ago

That's weird cause I love episode3! It was the funnest and most nostalgic one of the prequels

TheOtherTheoG2544d ago

JakemanPS31994 - partly because the other two prequels were really that terrible, but yeah, I agree.

Bay2544d ago

I hope that this is going to be great. I have the game on preorder and know for a fact I'll be playing it....I just hope, after all the MMOs I've picked up and dropped, this one would keep me for longer.

My love for Star Wars might help a bit too.

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