PES 2012 Hold Up Gameplay (HD 720p)

A new video from Konami demonstrating how to perform a Hold-up play in PES 2012 including the controller button combinations.

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Kos-Mos2661d ago

This is called realism. Only on PES.

FlashXIII2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

I guess playing as North London and Manchester Blue is realistic too? Ironically that's also only on PES.

HxCGamer2661d ago

well this is dumb

defense is a skill

i don't want the computer to do this for me...

zdudynot2661d ago

he has a point though, fifas is done automatically and works to well so its not that realistic

FlashXIII2661d ago

Looks good, however I still feel it needs to work on it's physical aspects if it wants to compete with fifa.

OcelotRigz2661d ago

I disagree with this. Although PES does need work with the physical aspect, i wouldnt like it to be anything like FIFA where guys are jostled off the ball way too much and easily. It makes the game too messy and just silly at times.

FlashXIII2661d ago

I agree that sometimes the physical side of Fifa becomes too much and I'm hoping with the current changes they are making, it'll be better in this game. I do like this new jockeying theme (why they calling it hold up anyway?) in pes and I hope next year fifa shamelessly steals it.

zeeman2661d ago

I am amused when people compare PES to FIFA. PES is miles ahead in gameplay and what football is about. Lolzor they don't have kits you say?

OcelotRigz2661d ago

Always felt this way myself.
When you play PES you really feel like you're playing a game of football, when you play FIFA it feels like you're just playing a game. Hope people understand what im trying to say there.

Even as bad as PES has been this gen, i prefer to get frustrated as hell playing it than bored to death playing FIFA.

As for no kits, its a stupid argument as its no reflection on gameplay which is what matters and if you looked online you would know their is a huge community who provide great options files on day one which provides all the kits.

Anderson82661d ago

i dont think pes feels anything like a game of football.. and the ball physics still piss me off. its like kicking a ball of lead.. i'll check out both pes and fifa this yr tho

Kos-Mos2661d ago

You know fifa is easier to pick up by the teens, no wonder people on n4g attacks me when I talk about the best (and still is) soccer game series ever.