Battlefield 3 Pre-order skins pictured and detailed

With all the pre-order bonuses that happen with AAA titles nowadays it can be a daunting task to find the right one for you. Unless your favorite website lists all of them for you via press release.

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Pikajew2693d ago

Whats the point of having a skin? You cant see your guy it a FPS. And in multiplayer no one pays attention to how the other people look

electricshadow2693d ago

Kinda like the whole 'hats' phenomenon in TF2. Basically people are saying "Look at me! I'm different!".

sovietsoldier2693d ago

i hate the model art not very accurate.

FlareDReborn2693d ago

Im not buyin the specact this time. Just more work to get all the pins..

ThePhuq2693d ago

Recon one looks lame anyways.

AzaziL2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

SPECACT should be a skin that has to be earned, either by rank or by maintaining a high score or k/d ratio.

Being able to just buy it makes it pretty much worthless, it doesn't tell the enemy you have Spec Ops skills, just that you pre-ordered at whereever or had the $5 to buy the look.

Omar912693d ago

actually all these skins should be EARNED not bought. I hate how this generation its all which store has the best pre order deal. I remember the good o' days where all the DLC and skins were inside the game and you had to unlock them to get them. now you have to buy the the codes from different sites to get all the skins/DLC fucking ridiculous.

....sorry I just had to vent that out lol