FemShep Steps Forward, But for How Long?

The Border House: The power of choice has always been a huge talking point in Mass Effect marketing. All of the statements in the wake of this FemShep push revolve around the developers acknowledging the significance and importance of the character because of that element of choice. Even as they spent years plastering everything available with images of the same grizzled white dude space marine indistinguishable from the other grizzled white dude space marines fronting 95% of the shooters on the market, everything ever said was about how your choices define the Mass Effect universe.

The first choice, the fundamental choice, is who your Shepard is.

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Saryk2689d ago

I just started a new game and made my first female Shepard, not too bad. But I usually make a male character on all games.

Vortex3D2689d ago

I played as male Shepard in ME1 and ME2 on the 1st playthrough. Now I have replayed with the female Shepard, it's difficult to play as male Shepard again because Jennifer Hale is a far better voice actor. I'm going to start as female Shepard in ME3.

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ATi_Elite2689d ago

Ah yes the lovely and attractive FemShep number 4.

I'd hit it!!

The other ones look like Vampire rejects from Twilight!!

Christopher2688d ago

I hate her hair, though... I think that's why all of them were overlooked in comparison to #3, because of their choice in hair style.

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