League of Legends: So much character design fail

The Border House: I got curious about the design of other female characters and went looking to see how the awful design of Soraka compared to other female LoL characters since there have been repeated comments on this blog that LoL is not “as bad” as a lot of the other stuff I lampoon here. And the results… let’s just say that yes. Yes it really is “as bad”.

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NuclearDuke2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

Alot of LoL's characters are designed terribly.

coolfool2664d ago

I think this article is a bit out of context. If the designers were told "Right, you have to design a cast of female characters that are both practical and realistic" and then the designers came up with that list then yes, the designs are a complete fail. But I suspect that the criteria was somewhat different.....