Sony's Lucky Seven: The Seven American Development Studios They Own takes a look at Sony's Lucky 7. With PS3 growth being driven by internal companies, the site takes a look at the all-new American roster, thanks to Suck Punch joining ranks with Sony's six other American all-stars.

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manman62661d ago

Sony knows what they are doing. They giving gamers what they want, good games created by some of the best developers.

e-p-ayeaH2661d ago

Yeah but on the japanese side things are pretty weak by now.

Eat Sleep and Play shouldnt be there? i mean cmon its Twisted Metal!

SwiderMan2661d ago

Eat Sleep Play is privately owned by Scott Campbell and David Jaffe, so therefore it's not on the list of Sony-owned American devs.

MaxXAttaxX2660d ago

Japan Studio is pretty good
We just need more games released on the west.

showtimefolks2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

i don't think there is another publisher out there like sony. with 22 studios they won and many others they have working partnerships with like they had with sucker punch for 12 years.


david jaffe said his studio is up for sale if right partner comes along i think if TM does well i could see sony move in but i think sony would like to see one more successful game from them after twsited metal before they buy them

look at QD and david cage heavy rain was a huge success if his next game is a success expect sony to scoop in same goes for lightbox interactive warhawk was a great success for being online only if starhawk is a success i can see sony buying them too

while sony have next 3-5 studios who they can and most likely will buy can we say the same for either nintendo or MS?

after being in the last place and starting out slow with ps3 sony has learned one thing above everything else gamers care about 2 things.

great games
and a company that's not ripping them off and giving them the most bang for their buck

so great exclusives plus free online is a win for any gamer

I wish MS would give me a reason to turn on my system before gears 3 but all year my xbox360 has been sitting there if that's the way MS think they will do it i don't it its right

next year we know about halo 4 i hope they have have some exclusives for q1-q2 and q3 of 2012

just have 2 exclusives for fall isn't right for rest of 11 months

DarkTower8052661d ago

Zipper isn't an all-star by a long shot, they need better talent than they currently have.

Magnus2661d ago

I thought Sony owned Gurilla games the people who did Killzone 2&3

golsilva2661d ago

this is just the american owned developers for sony. guerilla games is owned by sony but it is based in europe along with media molecule,etc

Newtype2661d ago

They can technically make their own Super Smash Bros. like game.

redDevil872661d ago

They should do it!

The only thing they'd struggle with is the art and grpahical style.

Ninty characters all have a similar style. Sony games have lots of different graphical styles e.g. Sly, Ratchet, KZ, LBP etc

SilentNegotiator2661d ago

Solid Snake and Mr. Game-and-Watch managed to co-exist. Sony characters would manage.

e-p-ayeaH2661d ago

yeah a Super Smash bros kinda game that allows to make your custom stages and characters it would be fantastic.

Ares902661d ago

I've been dreaming about that for a long time. Smash Brothers is one of my favorite games. Come on Sony!!!

buddymagoo2661d ago

I wonder who is next on the list for Sony. Also I wonder if anyone made any money through shares being owned and then bought out by Sony?

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The story is too old to be commented.