Torchlight 2 is too big for XBLA

Fred Dutton of EuroGamer writes: Super-sized PC action RPG sequel Torchlight 2 is too big to fit on Xbox Live Arcade and will need to be "comprehensively redesigned" if it's ever to see a console release, developer Runic Games has revealed.

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xtremexx2423d ago

wow, how big is too big?

xPhearR3dx2423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

I call BS on this one. The XBLA limit is 2GB, the original Torchlight on XBLA wasn't even 200MB. I highly doubt Torchlight 2 is over 2GB.

I mean, I could be wrong, but I'm going with BS lol

Raf1k12423d ago

I don't think they'd pass up the chance of having it on XBLA by just saying it's too big for it. However, it does make me wonder as to how much they'll be putting into the game. I'm hoping Torchlight 2 will be bigger and better in every way.

radphil2423d ago

the ORIGINAL Torchlight is around 840MB when installed on PC.

xPhearR3dx2423d ago


I'm not talking about PC, I'm talking about XBLA. Torchlight on XBLA was 198MB or so.

nickjkl2422d ago

yep lets bring pc into something where pc wasnt mentioned

but who cares its pc

darthv722422d ago

torchlight on pc was bigger due to the design of it having to be able to play to a varied array of system specifics.

When you start stripping out all the stuff that doesnt pertain to a dedicated platform you can save space considerably. So i still dont see how this would be an issue for xbla.

In its current "PC" state they are telling the truth. When they do what they did with the first game and refine it for a single dedicated platform (meaning a 360 version and a ps3 version) they will have reduced the size to where it is within limits.

By no means would they need to cut gameplay content but more specifically redundant content that the pc side uses to accommodate that platform.

radphil2421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

The point being, since you guys missed it, is that it's well over feasibly possible for them to hit a giant space marker.

Instead people on here think that when you bring a similar concept, which actually holds truth as to how they can get to there, they think you're needlessly bringing up a platform to "show off".

Also my numbers was off a bit. Torchlight 1 is even larger than what i stated earlier.

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allyc4t2423d ago

Didn't MS lift the max size of games a few years ago? Must be a huge game.

The original on XBLA was fuckin awesome. I guess I'll just have to get it for PC this time around.

ElementX2423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

Isn't From Dust like 1.5Gb? Either that or Bastion... I know one of those games is huge. If Torchlight is larger, it could just be put on a disc for $15.99 or $19.99.

Rubberlegs2423d ago

Yeah From Dust was 1.5Gb, Bastion I remember was 500-600mb.

ElementX2423d ago

I looked up the size cap and it's currently 2GB.

IAmCornHolio2423d ago

More proof that console gaming is dying... At least for core gamers.

BubbleSniper2423d ago

please elaborate cornhole

IAmCornHolio2423d ago

Cornhole, or cornholing is a game where you throw a bag filled with dried hard corn at a box accross the yard with a "cornhole" in it. That is cornholing.

More specifically, there are a bunch of games comeing out now that will never make it to the consoles, because consoles are no longer powerful enough to run these games, and if a version of these games does make it to the consoles they will be a shoe horned port.

As a result, real gamers will be moving back to PC and the consoles will start to die...

That is after the XBox 360 curb stomps the PS3 in sales this fall and xmas season.

Why? Because the casuals are all about the Kinect;)

Thus my original statement...

More proof that console gaming is dying... At least for core gamers.

Silly gameAr2423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

lol Wow. Sounds like you're talking out of your cornhole. That's the one that Beavis needs tee pee for by the way.

Wow, you know what? I meant bunghole. I think you should change your name to that. More fitting. Maybe on your next account hey?

consolez_FTW2422d ago (Edited 2422d ago )

@ CornHolio

Well, I play and really enjoy PC and Consoles...what does that make me according to your logic?

You say, "Because the casuals are all about Kinect"

I'm glad you based all of console gaming on the casuals that play kinect. /s

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