Happiness Is A Warm Gun Emplacement

D+PAD would like to celebrate the humble fixed gun emplacement. Though featured in countless games, they manage to nestle quietly – almost unseen – amongst the showboating, screen-grabbing antics of more portable, eager-to-please pieces of virtual weaponry. They can be found dotting battlefields – be it the war-torn deserts and mountain-scapes of the Battlefield series; the cold, purple, futuristic architecture of Halo or the grimy, greasy horrors of KillZone and Gears of War – silently, inconspicuously waiting for a player to step up to the plate and take on the challenge that they present.

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banjadude2689d ago

Great idea for an article.

Slightly offtopic: The gun emplacements in Earth Defense Force: IA suck!

Bolts2689d ago

Gun emplacements are basically deathtraps. I never use them in BF3. There's no point when you can hop into a tank or copter and deal out some mobile death. In Killzone and the WW2 CoD games back in the days they're cool to jump in at the right time.