Spy Vs Spy retrospective

Spy Vs Spy – an enjoyable silly slice of violent espionage action on the GBC - is looked back at by 3DS Tribe in the hope of a 3DS eShop release...

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GamersXTREME1734d ago

Spy vs Spy was a great game on the GBC and I would easily download this for my 3DS if Nintendo releases it on the eShop!

disgaeapuchi1734d ago

I regret never playing the original myself - would love to play it on eShop though. Reminds me of the hilarious Spy Vs Spy faceoffs you get in Team Fortress 2 XD

Septic1734d ago

I used to LOVE Spy vs Spy!! Mad comics for the win!!

I always wanted the black one to win.

waltyftm1734d ago

I had this for my Spectrum 128+, loved it.

bangoskank1733d ago

Had it on for the c64... memories. This would actually work well as an online mutliplayer experience.

maniacmayhem1734d ago

Played this on the NES with my friend. Damn good time.

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