Battlefield 3 Pre-Order and BETA Questions Answered

Clarifications and FAQ are answered regarding Battlefield 3 Limited Edition Pre-Orders. Some suestions about the BETA are answered as well. These questions should clear up all questions regarding BETA, besides the release date, and other questions regarding pre-order bonuses.

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M-Easy2689d ago

Pointless FAQ. Every good question was answered with "to be announced later."

xPhearR3dx2689d ago

48 hours early access for people who bought crappy ass Medal of Honor. What a joke, They should have at least gotten a week for buying that POS.

SpaceSquirrel2689d ago

A 48 hours exclusive means nothing.

deadpoole2689d ago

Just before I pre-Order ... E3 was also anounced that people buyin Battlefield 3 on PS3 will also get free Battlefield 1943 comin preinstalled on disk (because of large disk space).

I wanna ask is that is it for all editions or just limited edition or what ???.

Can someone provide clarification on this because no one is mentionin about it in their detail of game nor EA.

Pandamobile2689d ago

So all I get for buying MOH is a 48 hour head-start on the open beta?

Feh :(

BeaArthur2689d ago

I was thinking the exact same thing. Now I'm sure there are people out there that really enjoyed Medal of Honor but I know a bunch of people who got it just to participate in the beta. That's gotta suck.

DanSolo2689d ago

It just goes to show.... DON'T go buying a game just to get in a bloody beta....

Pandamobile2689d ago

I enjoyed MOH but I was hoping having it would get me more than that.

Oh well

Solid_Snake-2689d ago

this is a bit of a let down. they said to access the beta you need to have medal of honor. now there saying its open and all you get is a early access.

i think some sort of extra weapon would be a nice thank you.

oh well.

Ducky2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Might as well enjoy the game then. The current build of BF3 plays like a sequel to MoH anyways as far as the MP is concerned.

callmedom942689d ago

2 and a half months more until the full game. 1 more month until BETA. Cannot wait to play this game.

Farsendor12689d ago

people shouldn't have even bought medal of honor for beta i bought medal of honor cause i knew i would enjoy it. medal of honor has never really been a great game series but i have always been happy with it.

AKS2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

I think MoH got a lot of unnecessary hate. It wasn't bad. I prefer it over the Bond-ish CoD by a long shot.

FlareDReborn2689d ago

I will never buy another DICE/EA game that i dont even want just to get a beta early...48 hours? Wow...

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