Activision is Serious About Call of Duty XP

There's going to be free games given out. There's going to be tournaments held. There will be a life size paintball match done in a recreation of one of the multiplayer levels of Call of Duty: Moder Warfare 2. So I think its safe to say that Activision is going all out with this thing. This thing, of course, being Call of Duty XP, the world's first Call of Duty convention.

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zeal0us2688d ago

oh S#!* activision giving something away for free.

Activision: We're giving millions of cod points today
PPL: W8 what about the money
Act:What money? *runs away*

all jokes put aside, hope this turn out well.

3GenGames2687d ago

Activision: Releasing $60 Call of Duty 4 DLC since 2008!

Mike_Tha_Hero2687d ago

As many people who'll disagree with this aside, I couldn't agree more.

Though it's another argument for another time.

3GenGames2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

Yep. While they did add other new stuff (And we can't complain they didn't pull a Microsoft with Halo: Reach and only have about 6 maps and DLC the rest that should have been there on release) the engine just needs more added each game now, it's time to move on. It's just not enough to justify the price anymore with each tiny revision of each game. MW2 was it for me, the last one I bought myself. Now with Blops, seems like most gamers are now seeing the light finally.

And that's easier said then done considering all the great people that made COD4 a _amazing_ game are gone, it's probably gonna be a while until they hit the right formula again. Especially with 2 companies butting heads on the project, over everything else. 2 different directions per 2 years is terrible. That's why nothing ever gets majorly upgraded. 2 developers working on 2 engines that are identical? That's stupid. :(