Where the [email protected]#! is Half-Life 2: Episode 3?

GameFront, "If you’re anything like me you’re constantly freaking out about the possibility that news about the continuing adventures of Gordon Freeman could pop up literally any second now. Valve has been known to send out press releases in the middle of the night, you know. So what’s up with Half-Life 2: Episode Three? We know it’s coming. I mean, it’s gotta be coming, right? Valve would be guilty of probably the greatest cocktease in human history if they just didn’t make it. So let’s work under the assumption that, yes, the game will someday be out."

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Kran2693d ago

It doesn't exist, because it'll arrive in the form of Half-Life 3. ;)

ATi_Elite2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

Why do people just blindly and stupidly listen to the media and all of sudden think Half Life 3 is what Valve is making next?

Valve has never said one word about Half Life 3 so why do you morons keep bringing that crap up? Prove me wrong and show me a link where a Valve employee says Half Life 3.

Anyway if you paid any attention to Valve you would know that Gabe Newell has said he will not discus HALF LIFE 2 EPISODE 3 until AFTER DotA2 is released.

So no news on HL2 ep3 until 2012 cause DotA2 releases 12-2011

Kran2693d ago

Prove to me where he said it'll be Episode 3.

Because he also said that each episode would come out a few months after each other, so he blatently lied there, so how do you know he aint lying about the name AND when he will talk about it, so you're the one who needs to SHUT UP!

WhiteLightning2693d ago

It will be HL3 because they said they are done with episodes.

Simple as that

ksense2693d ago

this question is too late. I asked this a month after episode 2 came out.

Septic2693d ago

These are the only developers I really trust to make a stellar game.

If it means that the game will come out when my nether regions have withered, my prostate inflamed and my veins on my body visible like an underground railway map then so be it. I have faith in this franchise. This won't end up like DNF.


zerocrossing2693d ago

The Half-Life 2: Episode 3 is a lie!.

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The story is too old to be commented.