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TPV Writes: "TPV Writer Jonesy continues his quest across the RPG genre and this time it's Arcania's turn to go under the magnifying glass:

Arcania: Gothic 4 is as rare as mythril or adamantium to find, it’s taken me a while to lay may hands on it now. Mainly because Lovefilm pulled it from their listings but also several games companies I buy online from didn’t even stock it."

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MAULxx2660d ago

I started the game cause I got it cheap in the Gothic pack they had up awhile back.

I never finished it so I can't review it. If you can get past the voice acting it does have some good points.
From what I've played it's worth a look if you can get it for cheap.

Jonmau52660d ago

thats pretty much what are reviewer said, it's okay apart from the voice acting, he had many game breaking glitches getting stuck on textures or on rocks, trees, etc.