The 25 Best Uses of Game Stage Music

The list of game stages that were more memorable for their music than even their enemies.

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MrKingofVideoGames2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

Agreed, I have purchased only 2 game soundtrack CD's in my life... Symphony of the Night is one of them.

I would put Super Metroid on this list.

fossilfern2487d ago

Super Metroid most defiantly, Brinstar and Norfair. Amazing!

Solid_Snake-2487d ago

as long as some Dubstep DJ hasnt remixed it then most game stage music is cool.

as mentioned castlevania has some bad ass stage music.

LeShin2487d ago

Okay, I know this isn't retro, but man is this tune addicting and perfectly sums up the feeling while in the level:

Mirrors Edge - The Shard

HeavenlySnipes2487d ago


I just sat there and listened to the music. Under the circumstances of the fight, (the guy wasn't evil or anything) it made the whole thing so sad.


MrKingofVideoGames2487d ago

Chrono Trigger the other soundtrack I have purchased in my life...

This reminds me that Chrono Cross gets overlooked too often in Trigger's shadow (including the soundtrack).

Hicken2487d ago

One per page? Really? Sorry, but no.