Final New Vegas DLC lands in August, details

SystemLink says: "Given the delay of Fallout: New Vegas' last piece of DLC, Old World Blues, there was some trepidation over whether the game's final installment would keep schedule. According to New Vegas' senior producer Jason Bergman, it should."

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DanSolo2685d ago

Are the bugs and glitches fixed or partially fixed with this game?

I have thought about getting it but have heard a lot of bad reports of problems!

Saryk2685d ago

Its fine on my PC, that's all I can say. But I am surprised they are saying that this is the last DLC.

Clipper132685d ago

There are still alot of bugs/glitches. Thing is though, it seems entirely random as to who will experience problems with the game. Some people are having horrible freezing problems while others haven't had even one freeze. It's A gamble you have to decide on for yourself and hopefully win.
I'm playing it on the PS3 at the moment, having A few minor problems but nothing that will stop me from continuing.

DanSolo2685d ago

Ok thanks, I played Fallout 3 on my PS3 and didn't have too many problems, I saved often and the few freezes I did have did not cause me many problems because of the saving!

Maybe I will pick this up sometime then, probably as the GOTY edition!

Thanks for the replies!

NukaCola2685d ago

The latest PS3 patch has been excellent. I have had minimal freezing. Same with FO3. Only issues were DLC got laggy bad, especially OpAnch. And some unmarked sidequest never activated or were broke, but no huge issue, just annoying. You can google FALLOUT WIKI. Its awesome and compiles a list of what issues/bugs are found for all platforms