Why Duke Nukem Forever Is (Partly) Your Fault

Now that the Duke Nukem Forever saga is finally over, it's time to start holding people accountable, starting with you. Yes you.

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RaidensRising2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Some agreeable points raised.

Good read.

Septic2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Don't you even think about blaming this tedious, lackluster, uninspired P.O.S on me!

I asked for innovation. If I couldn't get that:

I asked for enjoyable gameplay. If I couldn't even get that:

I asked for decent visuals at the very least.

I did not ask for a game that would take the best part of a decade to be made and YET, after all that time, to be such a failure in every single department, that it called into question the value of the human race.

What is the opposite of a killer app? THIS game. And no....its not my fault you complete utter knob-jockey.

Good article btw.

Kran2661d ago

What did I do? I didnt buy it, nor was I excited for it o.O

Cpt_kitten2661d ago

eh still a throw back n64 game no complaints here...silly fun is why i like gaming don't see why people have to get all worked up over a game that they know isnt suppose to be serious, its suppose to be silly fun

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