The Major Pitfalls Of Avoiding Major Release Spoilers

Game Podunk's blogger, DoctorStrangeLove writes, "It seems that in today's age you can't keep anything secret anymore. Pictures of the Vita leaking out weeks before it was to be announced to the public at large, entire games being dropped into the ocean that is video game piracy, some times months before the game was supposed to release. It just seems impossible to avoid spoilers... Unless you're willing to go the distance! I've learned through trial and error over the years that in most cases, a game's entire story will be posted on the internet around a week to a week and a half of the game's scheduled release date. If you want to avoid the majority of spoilers, you're going to have to cut internet out of your life. No more forums, twitter, facebook, or youtubes! This sounds hard to do, because it totally is. Imagine not being able to easily communicate with your friends, or hear about the newest releases in gaming for more than a week! But it must be done."

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