New Bungie game codenamed Tiger, logo confirmed

Eddie Makuch of Gamespot writes: When Bungie signed a 10-year exclusive publishing deal with Activision in April 2010, the developer said it was working on an entirely new universe for multiple platforms. Since then, Bungie has confirmed the game will run on an all-new engine and likened it to a massively multiplayer title. Now, the developer has shed new light on the project, confirming it is currently in development under the working name "Tiger" and is related to a familiar logo.

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx2691d ago

So it's a MMO? sorta like MAG i guess. Anyone know if this is for consoles?

NoobJobz2691d ago

Since it's activision it will probably be on every system available.

limewax2691d ago

Hope they do it right, Bungie do build good universes. But I don't really do MMO.

That screen as well, I hope its not from the game, or else the engine would actually be a downgrade

Misterhbk2691d ago

Unless it's a free to play MMO I don't know how it'll be done on the 360. People gonna pay for live and then pay the monthly fee for this as well? It'll be interesting to see how it all works out.

showtimefolks2691d ago

bungie went with activision was because of their success with MMO and ONLINE support

and that's not my words that patcher he said when he spoke with bungie they said they went with activision because of their online support for their games. like COD and its huge success with Multiplayer

but do we know anything yet is it going to be a MMO?

BattleAxe2691d ago

It would be unfortunate if it were an MMO, because I don't have time for that kind of commitment, plus too many other great games that are coming out.

Sub4Dis2691d ago

if it's truly an MMO, it would be foolish to release it this generation.

Karum2691d ago

What success to Activision have with MMO's?

The only MMO's that Activision have under their control is WoW and they had absolutely nothing to do with that game. They just bought a cash cow.

NewMonday2690d ago

the logo looks like sleazy male underwear

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RockmanII72691d ago

Bungie has been hiring developers with knowledge on how to code for the PS3, so it's extremely likely to be PS3, and in tern Xbox.

Mr Patriot2691d ago


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Muffins12232691d ago

i think it will be heavily relay off of multiplayer,not like Huge battles ,but liek the gameplay will be effected to multiplayer and be connected online

OhMyGandhi2691d ago

I'd liken it to a game like "Huxley".
jeez. what happened to that game...

Cmpunk2691d ago

mmo what a joke! i want an arcade fps, and if somebody said's the fps market is crowed, yes it is' but most of the fps games out now arn't even good

FragMnTagM2690d ago

So basically you want another COD? What about a new and fresh original IP for a change?

I think that would be a lot better.

fatalred alarm2690d ago

it's bungie, how bad could it possibly be?

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LarVanian2691d ago

Will Charlie Sheen be the protagonist?

Takoulya2691d ago

That'd be no fun. We'd be instant-"winning" all the time.

Forbidden_Darkness2691d ago

Haha, took me a second to get that joke lol

opinska2691d ago

so is it the Ultra Super Halo 3000? >_>

ilikegam3s2691d ago

hmm their logos always seem to link to each other :P

Bereaver2691d ago

I agree and I'm also getting the feeling that it will indeed be matching in a lot of gameplay as well. I'm getting this jungle marine vibe.

Saladfax2690d ago


It was a big thing with Bungie back in the late 90s before they were bought by Microsoft. There were tiny hints in each of their games: little connecting points which implied some kind of partially-shared universe.

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