Price cut? Mario? Japan still isn’t sold on 3DS

A recent poll in Japan reveals that quite a few 3DS owners are unhappy with the handheld. What other information does the poll reveal?

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pedrami912661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Only time will tell.

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charmer2661d ago

last i checked its not august 11th and the 3ds is selling ok now... im sure by the end of september the story will be different

Technical World2661d ago

Umm mabey that's because neither of them have actually come out yet. Wait for the new price to kick in and all of the new games to come out this November and December. Then lets talk about the 3DS. Untill then stop trying to come up with a quick article by writing more BS about the 3DS. Obviously you have nothing to write about if your still writing about the 3DS being doomed. Look for real news.

Xof2660d ago

Mobile gaming is much bigger in Japan than elsewhere.

And keep in mind that, with it's weak battery, and the 3D screen that forces the device to be held motionless at a very specific angle and distance to the head, the 3DS is very much the WORST handheld gaming device to use "on the go" in gaming history. It's little wonder Japan isn't embracing the thing, let alone the rest of the world.

It's nintendo's own damn fault. If you want to make a portable console, it's profoundly stupid to build the machine around technology that requires stationary play, and a handy outlet.