Bastion and coping with divorce

This is as much an open letter to Supergiant Games and my colleagues at XBLAFans that I’ve let down, as it is about simply musing about one of the best games I have ever played. If the title of this piece wasn’t any indication, Bastion was an extremely meaningful game to me during a time when it’s common for lives and futures to be shattered or irreparably set back.

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cain1412693d ago

I love that games can connect like this but feel for the guy that he had to go through all that...

Clumzyagent2693d ago

It really does have what it takes to be a special game. I'm glad it touched the author the way it did.

randomlyrossy2693d ago

Really interesting perspective.

ItsMeJohnD2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

Amazing man, this is a piece I feel completely deserves approval. Glad that something broke through and touched you in a manner that was positive and forthgoing for you. Hope that you stay positive and more people read this article as it really helps shed light on the fact that some games are more then games to some people. They have become a form of art and a way to reach out to people, just like movies and music, which at one time were both looked upon as just things to clutter the mind with. Keep up the good work!

cain1412692d ago

Yeah after I read this the parallels were totally there. Really cool when any medium can speak like that even though the authors (in the case developers) didn't intend for this to be the message.

Neko_Mega2692d ago

All I want to know is this game staying 360 only? Because my PS3 has alot of memory space and my 360 is almost out.

Plus I hate it when a game doesn't stay on one system or it go's to the other system right when you buy it.