Why Digital Distribution Will Never Be Enough

The digital age has arrived. Does this mean that one day all games will be digitally distributed? Many people think so, but I beg to differ.

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Voxelman2692d ago

This article is pretty weak TBH

While there will probably be some physical media it will not be the norm it will be a niche. And it will be more than enough for most people, in fact that it's already enough for a lot of people on the casual facebook/iPhone/flash game portal end of the spectrum is already enough. And some PC gamers have also gone 100% digital as well.

While Internet is currently not as wide spread as it needs to be it is rapidly expanding and getting faster every year. Also trends like streaming are becoming ever more popular, also in many Asian countries Internet cafes and the like are vary popular and free to play MMOs mean that the physical media is almost irrelevant in those places already.

As for the attachment to holding physical media there is a way of getting that without physical media, Special editions that come in a box with maps figure's, posters etc can still happen without physical media for the game.

And finally the attachment to physical media is last generation thinking, the next generation will not have the strong nostalgic attachment to physical media so they won't care about not having a disc. The Article should be titled "Digital distribution will never be enough for me".