8.0 - Retro Review – King of Fighters ’95 Still Delivers

While The King of Fighters has been ported to the PS3, the graphics have been preserved. It wouldn’t be considered high-quality by today’s standards, but we won’t hold this against it. The 2D artwork is still pixelated and old-fashioned, yet stylish in its own right, with nice touches added to characters and backgrounds. One such case is during tag team matches, where your team members will stand in the background either looking bloody and beaten or cheering you on. Playing the game made us feel like we were back in an arcade getting our asses handed to us by the CPU (on easy). So, if you like to revisit the old-fashioned arcade games, the dated graphics only add to your gameplay experience rather than detract from it.

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bacrec12693d ago

That's great, because the live action movie damn sure didn't.

wanderson752693d ago least there was Maggie Q in that hot little get up. :-p

Knushwood Butt2693d ago

No arranged soundtrack = no buy.