Lautering Bytes Podcast - Ep. 13: Comic-Con 2011 + Alcoholic Popsicles

GameDynamo - "Matt and Brian man this week’s installment of Lautering Bytes. With Rando in hiding and Foxy launched into space, heading back to his home planet, we chat about Comic-Con International 2011 and play some of the wacky phone messages we've received from the Con itself (including an epic tale of obtaining My Little Pony exclusive merchandise). We confirm SoulCalibur V and Star Wars Xbox 360 rumors along with all the other Comic-Con news. To celebrate the end, we also have some special treats and food chat in store for you, including alcoholic popsicles, and we warn you about the dangers of Comic-Con."

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tinydinosaurs2690d ago

We have plenty of fake prizes to give away - also, if you are in the LA area we will come to your house and play Stratego with you.