5 Free Games from The Happy Cloud, a new cloud gaming service

We’re at it again, this time we’ve got 5 free games we’re giving away! That’s right 5, as in cicno. The contest is simple, and if you win, you get your choice of any game you desire from The Happy Cloud. So, that means after you win you’re free game using HappyCloud tech you’ll be able to start gaming within minutes of getting your game! No waiting for full downloads anymore, who does that anyway? That’s so 2010.

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DeadlyFire2692d ago

Doesn't work the same as other Cloud platforms. It requires downloads and disk space for games. Could be more of a natural streaming solution than others. Just needs some publishers to support it. Games list is lacking at the moment.

DeathProof2692d ago

^^True that brother, and territory lock is lame. But they do have some cool games, and free is free : )