Challenge Everything: On Gaming Difficulty

The basic element of any video game is challenge. You can omit any other element and still identify something as a “video game.” You require no graphics for text-based adventure games. You require no music in your games. Stories can also be completely done away with. But think about a video game without any challenge? Not in the sense of not posing any challenge, but rather not putting you against any task, no matter how menial? Notice how I don’t say “overcoming a challenge” as being another basic element? Well, if you can’t overcome a challenge in any conceivable way in a game, then it’s a bad game, simple as that, but it’s not a necessary element to make one.

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kma2k2690d ago

Ill admit it i would much rather own everything that get my ass kicked. I prefer normal dificulty on games, i still feel superior but there is a mild chalange to it.

TheCampfireSong2690d ago

Well it entirely depends, i mean Cod WAW On Veteran was frustrating as hell.

dorron2690d ago

As much as I love Demon's souls I can't stand the fact of starting levels again each time I die. I get tired and leave the game for weeks. I think this game needed checkpoints, difficulty is ok.