Battlefield 3 will show deathmatch players the value of teamplay - DICE

OXM UK: "If you're lone wolf to the bone, Battlefield 3 has its sights on you. DICE wants dyed-in-the-wool deathmatchers to experiment with teamplay in its latest shooter, as discussed by creative director Lars Gustavsson in the latest issue of OXM."

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dirigiblebill2688d ago

Good. Too many spray-and-prayers on Xbox Live these days.

Northtouch2688d ago

I think it applies to all platforms not just xbox. Im a PS3 player and im all for teamwork.

Heck i was playing BC2 yday, me and this guy had headsets on, backing eachother up everywhere sticking together. And geuss what? We were winning and on top of the leaderboards on almost everyround.


It was FUN.

Two head are better than one.

stevenhiggster2688d ago

This is true. Me and my 2 friends always play BC2 together and when we do, we almost always win and are mostly the top 3 on our side.
Funnily enough when I play on my own I dont always win, teamwork is the key. People don't seem to care but it makes a massive difference when you play as a team and communicate properly.

Sinterfire2688d ago

Everyone knows there is an "I" in team duh /s

Cmpunk2688d ago

i only recently got into battlefield myself by getting bad company 2 on the ps3 yes the single player isn't that amazing but god the multiplayer put cod to shame, i sucked first being a cod player, but now i have improved and i am now addicted to it :) cannot wait

Breadisgood2688d ago

I'm all for promoting teamwork, but people are always going to be douches, running around doing whatever they want on their own.

Just play in a group of friends and hope the rest of your team isn't too dumb.

vickers5002688d ago

Why are people douches for wanting to do whatever they want with the game THEY BOUGHT? Not everyone wants to play YOUR way, that doesn't mean they are douches for it.

If I don't have fun playing as a team, then what's the point of having the game? To make sure YOU have fun? If I simply want to go around killing people, then that's my prerogative. I don't play the game for you, I play the game for me, and that doesn't make me a douche, it makes you the douche for expecting others to play the same way as you.

belal2688d ago

i agree but also i disagree. if you buy a game that relies on teamwork, you should expect to find players that work as a team. If you play solo in a game like lets say Mag,bfbc2 or kz3 you will die and your team will loose.

Now i get you point but to have fun in a game like this you don't want to go solo this will result in you dying much more than killing, you team will suffer from it, and you will loose the match. Is that fun?

vickers5002688d ago


Why do you assume I do more dying than killing? Some people are good enough to hold their own. And anyways, yeah, that is fun for me. The fun doesn't always come from winning the match for me, in fact it rarely does unless I'm the best one on the team responsible for our team winning.

Besides, it's not like I'm the only one making my team suffer. When I actually try to play as a team and do really well as an individual, my teammates don't do anything at all, which nullifies any reason for me to try and play harder anyways. Occasionally I'll get on a team that cares, but that's only like 1 out of every 5 matches I play, and by that point, I've lost interest in trying to play for the team and just do what I want.

In BC2, I had fun doing different things. One of my funnest moments in that game was strapping some c4 to an atv, driving towards a tank really fast, jumping off and then detonating it, destroying the tank with two people in it. I haven't played MAG, only the demo, and hearing some jackass shout orders into my headset/tv speakers telling me what to do and others expecting me to follow those orders was one of the big things that turned me off about that game. I don't want to be told how to play the game that 'I' bought.

Besides, teamwork without a headset is virtually impossible, and maybe it's just my bad luck, but in like 98% of the mp games/matches I play, no one has a headset, and in the other 2%, only half of them actually use their headset to coordinate strategies for winning.

So basically in short, no, I do not need to win to have fun. I have fun by challenging myself in different ways.

Breadisgood2683d ago

"When I actually try to play as a team and do really well as an individual, my teammates don't do anything at all, which nullifies any reason for me to try and play harder anyways"

This is pretty much my point though. You can call me a douche for expecting people to play as a team in a team based game all you want, the fact is that me trying to work in a team is only trying to help people out. The people running around doing whatever may be having fun, but they're spoiling it for other players. I guess there's no sense of sportsmanship in online gaming though anymore, as long as you're having fun, screw everyone else right?

Play a FFA game if you don't want to work as a team. Saying "I'll do what I want with my game as long as I'm having fun" is no defence, the same could be applied to glitchers/hackers, and guess what they are? Douches.