Modern Warfare 3 or Battlefield 3: Which is Right for You?

Shifted2U would like to introduce our newest writer, Todd Misura. In his first post, and first editorial post, Todd goes into detail about what FPS franchise maybe able to suit your own needs. The on-going war between MW3 and BF3 rages on in this editorial feature.

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Convas2689d ago

I'm feeling both.

Battlefield 3 a bit more than Modern Warfare 3, but still want, and plan on getting both.

ATi_Elite2689d ago

I'm getting Red Orchestra 2!!

then bf3...Then ARMA III

JoGam2689d ago

Im getting BF3 day 1. After the Black Ops on PS3 situation, I decided to wait for MW3.

Kran2688d ago

Here here. Here's to the winner that get both ;) Are we wasting our money doing so? Well its like any game. When we buy it, if we dont like it, then it was a risk we took.

Cmpunk2688d ago

modern warfare 3 - for a fun time with school mates
battlefield 3 - for an amazing realistic experience


Miiikeyyy2688d ago

I have more fun playing battlefield with my friends tbh, but that's just me ;)

paintsville2688d ago

Modern Warfare 3 all the way baby!!! Activision rulez!!!! Great games! Great publisher!
MW3 yeah!!!
Battlefield meh.

Anon19742688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

Both for me, although probably not day one. I've got a number of games on my plate already. That and I've always found it beneficial to hold off a bit until servers are up, multiplayer is patched a couple of times, etc. I don't know about Battlefield, but in my experience Call of Duty online is always a mess for that first month.

raWfodog2688d ago

Bubble up, darkride66 (why you only got one? you sound very sensible :)).

I agree that sometimes its best to wait until the kinks are ironed out. Even though there is probably a need for a lot of people to get online early so that the developers can see all the problems and then patch them, I will be waiting about a month or so before I pick up either title. They aren't going anywhere.

-Superman-2688d ago

Modern Warfare 3 - SP and fast and small maps and steaks for multiplayer.

Battlefield 3 - Multiplayer, tanks, planes, big maps.

Red Orchestra 2 - I love WW2, Very realistic multiplayer game. This is awesome...

I buy all. I hate MW vs BF war. Both are games. People play both games. MW is fast action game, BF group action game.

Miiikeyyy2688d ago

Single player for MW3? All of the CODS single players have sucked balls. They are so weak and short

zerox5052688d ago

usually those who plan on getting both are just trying to satisfy both sides when in reality they'll be getting mw3 in the end.

Solid_Snake-2688d ago

red orchestra 2 at the end of this month

battlefield 3 beta end of next month.

battlefield 3 month after that.

ARMA3 next year.

thats my FPS fix sorted.

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no_more_trolling2688d ago

the same articles about the same topics.....everyday

and u guys keep acting like broken records

raWfodog2688d ago

True but, I have to admit, this seemed like a more fanboy-free comparison than most. The author gave pretty good pros and cons of both without coming off preachy.

Granted, its stuff we already knew but some people need to get off their high horses and admit that each game caters to a specific crowd and gameplay style and leave it at that.

Psychotica2688d ago

They are both fun in their own way even though one may be better than the other. I will get both, but first Red Orchestra 2...

_LarZen_2688d ago

Both are right for me...I like something called variety...some people should look it up.

Dwalls11712688d ago

Mw3 is the safe choise.....most people dont no jack about the battle field I suggest a rent for that

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