Is Black Ops: Rezurrection DLC worth 1200MSP?

CVG - Treyarch's pricey packs show no sign of stopping

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wolfceek2637d ago

I didnt buy the last one and wont buy any more. It has become a rip off- cod dlc. They should do it like rockstars Read dead redemption did it. The best dlc use for games. some are free and some are paid for.

r1sh122637d ago

Or at least put the price down to 800msp which is much fairer.
Activision will never allow the price to go lower since they know they are gonna make stacks of money.
Since they keep trying to extort my money from me, Im not buying MW3, Im gonna go over the battlefield, plus with gears and a couple of other games like uncharted etc...coming out I wont need to touch MW3.

Chnswdchldrn2637d ago

there hasnt been a map pack for Cod that was worth the fucking price since MW2 introduced those expensive things

thrasherv32637d ago

Agreed. Hell, I couldn't bring myself to buy the WaW maps until the Map Pack Bundle went on sale for 1000msp.

bumnut2636d ago

I got the PC version of WAW and got the maps for free.

COD went downhill from there from a PC view because they dropped the free maps and lowered the player count from 25 vs 25 to 6 vs 6 = no sale.

slaton242637d ago

i dont no if its just me but have you guys thought about it being microsofts fault...just hear me out this $15 bull crap for maps started the same time MS and Activision made that little deal about 1 month early exclusice content am i correct. I also remember before the deal was made for 1 month early exclusive content WaW was I believe $10..Im not hatin on MS i do own a 360 and ps3 both with MW2 i was just wantin to make sure if they info i received made sense to you guys

DrRichtofen2637d ago

hmmm something does smell fishy.

thrasherv32636d ago

Maybe. I wouldn't doubt it, that's for sure. But I think it's just a coincidence. I think it had more to do with the popularity explosion of the franchise and hype of MW2.

Hicken2637d ago

Nope. Not buying any more packs. Not buying any more CoD games. I WILL be checking it out from work, so that I can at least tell my customers what it's about. But I won't be paying money for it. And with all the other games that will be out, I won't be holding on to it for long, either.

slaton242637d ago

sound like me i plan on not buyin another cod game either if i do buy a shooter battlefield 3

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