5 Ways to Up Your Warhawk Scores

"Warhawk is one of the PS3's most entertaining titles, and with the recent 80GB PS3 price cut and introduction of the 40GB model, it's safe to assume Warhawk is about to see a massive influx of noobs.

To this end, we thought it was time we gave everyone a few pointers for upping their scores. Whether you are a long-time veteran of the game, a beer-toting casual gamer, or new-to-the scene PS3 owner, the following tips will help you kick-ass, rank-up fast and have a good time doing it."

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chasegamez4054d ago


BenderDGreat824054d ago Capture The Flag (arguably the most fun of the games, Death Match at 2nd place), equip your Warhawk with those mines...when one of your team member drops the flag, you know a bunch of dudes are going to surround the flag to get it respawned. Get on your Warhawk with the mines attached and do a kamikaze and aim towards the hudled group. You die but man o man is it fun seeing your score go up a little (minus the suicide point of course).

gamesR4fun4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

275,000 for top rank in this game
the very best players in the world might average 12-15 points a min (most like me can expect to get 40-100 points in a 30 min game)
So only addicts that play 24/7 and cheats get top spot (if said addict wanted to rank up legit it take him almost a year at 8/h a day to do it)
Despite this and all the cheats its the best online game ever imo
Nothing rocks like a warhawk and the ground combat can be some of the most intense ive ever seen...
Also for the newbs once you get to know the weapons and find your grove try and work on the things your not comfortable with. Its a huge game with so many strategies and tons of raw adrenaline that you just cant experience fully playing just one way. Ive played everyday since launch and still find it fresh and fun. A must buy for any online ps3 owner.
ps word is that the next patch is gonna clean up the worst of the cheats... (due in december along with a new booster pack!)

Marceles4053d ago

It's really easy to get points on Badlands. Everyone pretty much runs to the land mines and plants them on and around the flag. And you get major points for killing the flag carrier and saving the flag. That's the easy cheap way of doing it, I mostly just take over zones and then destroy as many people at the base. People on the winning team laugh at the losing team for having so many points but still losing...but really they're doing everyone on the losing team a favor by being so aggressive and killing themselves on land mines trying to get the flag. I'm up to 231 ribbons, 31 badges, and 3 medals (all combat medals and the one purple heart) in 34 hrs. Add me if anyone wants to pwn some n00bs or check out my stats...

Lord Anubis4054d ago

although people don't do it often, do a handbrake with the warhawk by pressing R1 and R2 to do a 180 turn.

Armyless4053d ago

Unbelievable amounts of control.

WilliamRLBaker4053d ago

never get in a warhawk, remain on foot or in tank, warhawks are pitiful compared and get killed easily by people on foot and in tanks.